Success stories
Rooted in nature
From forests to oceans, from around the world to the metaverse, Green Steps integrates nature-based impact into your business.
This gin cleans beaches
ecoSPIRITS aims to reduce the environmental impact of their own manufacturing and business operations. By working with Green Steps, they were able to offer integrated solutions for each sale of their ecoTOTE™ that create impact on both land and sea: one tree is planted in the Green Steps forest; or 1kg of ocean waste is recovered from critical beaches.
Plant 22,293 trees
Recovered 4513kg of ocean waste
Remove 490,446 kg CO2 PA
Create 7,199 hours of local community work
This water plants trees
By switching to their own water purification system and reusable glass bottles, restaurant chain The Providore was able to hit three birds with one stone: continue offering premium still and sparkling water to their guests; avoid single-use plastic and glass bottles at every outlet; increase brand loyalty and customer support, especially with the alotted 50% donation towards planting trees in their branded Green Steps forest.
Plant 14,500 trees
Remove 316,976 kg CO2 PA
Create 3,530 hours of local community work
This menu plants trees
Growing their branded forest is placed at the core of modern Mexican restaurant chain Super Loco’s sustainability pillars. Green Steps also assessed their carbon-conscious menu, ensuring that it indicates the carbon footprint of each dish and is at least 50% plant-powered.
Plant 2,129 trees
Remove 46,816 kg CO2 PA
Create 521 hours of local community work
This NFT plants trees
In a partnership with Nunu Spirits Gaming company, we create green NFT's and further within the game, whilst players gain points and plants trees in the virutal world, we plant trees in the real world.
Plant 1,000 trees
Remove 22,000 kg CO2 PA
Create 600 hours of local community work
This campaign grows forests
In identifying that cleaner air and bio diversity regeneration is linked to health, we introduced the auctioning off of sections of forest to senior stakeholders to contribute to the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine forest
Plant 11,600 trees
Remove 255,000 kg CO2 PA
Create 392 hours of local community work