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Our Kenyan planting operation is in a wild, remote part of Kenya. This is a region abundant in large mammals with rich soil and seasonal rains that turn dusty planes into rich grazing lands for antelope herds in turn sustaining large predators. Umbrella thorn acacia form a key-stone species in this environment securing and maintaining the soil in the dry season.

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Unlike the wild antelope herds which move on during the dry season, local goats and cattle remain and can rapidly over graze the land. Acacia saplings are left battered and shrub like sprawling flat on the ground without an opportunity to grow into trees.


A combination of replanting and FMNR ( Farmer managed natural regeneration ) is used to secure the acacia saplings, allowing them to grow to young trees.

Once these trees are past the initial vulnerable years, they become resilient, resisting locusts plagues, drought and even benefit from low level grazing from cattle while providing sustainable harvesting of lower branches for firewood.

Samburu, Mid-Northern Kenya
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The northern districts of Kenya have distinct rainy and dry seasons, but relatively constant temperatures making for dry arid mid-year winters with heavy rainfall during November, December and second lighter rainy season in March, April, May.

This makes planting new saplings limited to the start of the rainy season while  FMNR ( Farmer managed natural regeneration ) can continue throughout the year.
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Average monthly rainy days over the year
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Average min & max temperatures over the year
Umbrella thornThe Umbrella thorn, Acacia tortillas is one of the most familiar trees of the African savanna. It is a tough, drought resistant key-stone species that secures the soil and provides shelter, shade and food for a wide variety of animals as well as being a pioneering species to reestablish deteriorated landscapes.
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Mature Acacia tortillas
Mature Octomeles sumatrana