tropical rainforest

At our planting operation in Borneo, our indigenous trees grow incredibly quickly with a high 85% - 90% survival rate for establishing saplings.


While fast growing trees in Borneo offers some of the fastest C02 sequestration rates (converting C02 into carbon ) the land preparation labor efforts required are high as invasive vines must be cleared by hand.

Young trees must then be protected from fast growing vines which can quickly choke and smother young trees making silverculture ( underbrush clearing) an essential but expensive and labor intensive part of planting operations in Borneo.

planting operation
We operate along the edges of the remaining tropical rain forests securing a buffer and helping hold back illeagal  palm-oil plantation creep. Satellite photos show the impact of palm-oil plantation encroachment and highlight how critical this game corridor is.
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Borneo offers a true tropical climate with good all year rainfall and near constant temperature, humidity and very low annual daylight variation so trees can be planted at any time of the year and grow rapidly throughout the year.
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Average monthly rainy days over the year
Average monthly hours of sunshine over the year
Average min & max temperatures over the year
Dillenia borneensis
Large tropical tree growing up to 40 meters high in dense primary forest as well as more open, secondary formations.

Octomeles sumatranaOctomeles sumatrana or Binuang is a fast growing forest giant reaching up to 60 meters and higher with buttresses up to 6 meters wide. A important soil stabilizer and pioneer forest tree.
Molotus muticusKnown locally as the "swamp tree" or "salong apid" Molotus Muticus establishes mangrove forests and servers as a forest buffer securing the environment for less robust species.

Nauclea subditaNauclea subdita or Bongkol is mid-canopy tree up to 36 m tall, it is robust and does well in disturbed habitat and young leaves can be used to treat stomach ache.

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Mature Octomeles sumatrana
Mature Octomeles sumatrana