Sumatra, Indonesia

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per tree geo-tagging

Community driven replanting projects need high-levels of on the ground transparency, visibility and the ability to track and credit the forester that actually planted the tree. We know where it is, what it is, when it was planted and by whom.

community driven
Working with communities
Green Steps puts your investment in the hands of communities who can make a difference. Together we reforest regions, reduce plastic waste, increase biodiversity and uplift community livelihoods.
Local agency
Ad-hoc short term hire is a challenge for local planting start-ups. Green Steps doesn't just work with local communities, we help them set up their own enterprise and then supply them with the tracking software and providing long term, reliable purchase contracts, giving them confidence to employ and grow.
The waste is removed by hand collection, sorted by type and then recycled at local depos.
partner varification
We ensure we only plant indigenous trees in our reforestation & afforestation areas, this is the most beneficial to the surrounding natural environment and reduces tree mortality rates
Our trees are raised in greenhouse nurseries until they reach an age that they are resilient enough to survive the elements once planted. Once planted, the saplings are monitored over time in order to ensure growth in the best possible conditions
Our technology and systems verify that trees have been planted and allow us to report on CO2 impact to our clients.
An understated benefit of reforestation. Wildlife thrives in appropriately reforested regions, bringing back a bustling ecosystem from insects to mammals.
Communities are at the heart of what we do. By creating hours of paid work and restoring their homelands, we uplift their livelihoods financially and through greater farming and fishing ecosystems
tracking & managment
Tracking App
Our in house tracking app is quick and easy to use and minimizes the time needed to geo-tag the tree. It is developed with our end user in mind - our users are often quite literally knee-deep in mud and they need a simple and reliable solution that works both on-line and off-line even in challanging conditions.
Dashboard Quality Control
With multiple simulations users tracking in the field in difficult conditions, a robust quality control system is required. Not every geo-tag uploaded might be a valid geo-tag. Test photos, blurred photos, duplicates are all part of the process as phones get wet, muddy and better angles are selected. A combination of AI and human verification ensures high levels of quality assurence.
Online visibility
Forest sponsors can view their forest growing in real time and using built in impact calculators they can monitor their soft C02 offsets.
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