What is my companies footprint & how do I reduce that footprint?
How do I integrate sustainability into my companies DNA and make it business as usual?
Quantifying my C02 offset is meaningless unless the impact offset does not support the environment?
How do I market our companies green initiatives and drive growth through engagement?
Step 1
The first step to reducing your environmental footprint is knowing your impact.

We partner with some of Asia’s top carbon assessment companies to help you identify your company’s carbon emission.
Step 2
Green Steps offers several offset options. Green Steps integrates CO2 offset solutions into your sales process.

GS  has tree planting farms across the globe can plant up to 100,000 trees per month.  Each farm is stringently vetted and monitored.
Step 3
Green Steps technology platform can verify each individual tree, the farmer & the environmental impact - making your impact REAL!

Green Steps uses forest satellite mapping & tree geo-tagging so that your annual impact can be measured  & verified accurately.
Step 4
Green Steps provides the reporting & amplification tools to help you amplify your positive impact, that will add business value and build brand loyalty.