Green Steps Group provides the next evolution of cost neutral sustainability solutions.

GSG helps companies manage sustainability programs with an end-to-end solution from seed to sequestion where the consumer takes financial responsibility and the corporation claims the C02.

Written by Tatum Ancheta
January 27, 2021
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The right tree in the right place

If you are planting trees to offset C02 then steps are required to ensure maximum survival rates. Green Steps Group manages strict controls over the species and location of the trees planted, only accepting indigenous trees planted in suitable habitat in multi-species sites. This makes not only good environmental sense - but it also good business sense, as this maximises the survival rate of the trees.

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6-Point vetting system for planters and why this matters

All planting organizations supported by Green Steps Groups must adhere to our strict 6-point code as belive this is best not only for our clients and the environment, but also the planters themselves.

Indigenous only
The most suitable trees for a region are the ones that have evolved for thousands of years to suit that climate and environment. Even if alien trees appear to be a better option because they grow quicker or taller, for example in many areas Australian eucalyptus trees can rapidly dominate a landscape, but they draw so much water that the can drain fragile aquifers and become a net loss.

Multi-species planting

In addition to per venue maps, several maps can fall under one parent brand, such as the parent company brand name which can show case the collective forests all on one map.

Guys first entry
Guys first foray into webflow

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ESG : Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

GSG tools can be easily incorporated into ESG programs where a percentage of each sale contributes to the venues ever growing personal forest.