Ground Truth

While satellite remote sensoring provides constant updates for monitoring change, ground truth and partner vetting still provide an essential role in site verification and quality control.

Written by Tatum Ancheta
January 27, 2021
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Green Steps Group
Partner Assessment

The foundation of quality offset assets, rewilded forests to bee keeper and coral regrowth rests on our partners on the ground. All our impact partners are vetted on a six point matrix prior to being added to the Greenstepsgroup partner framework.

Long term Sustainability
No forestry operations may be destined for lumbering or under threat of logging. GSGs mandate is reWilding and we are not in the business of funding existing or planned lumber harvesting projects.

Indigenous Impact
All species must be indigenous without exceptions. Indigenous trees typically have better long term survival rates and support indigenous wildlife.

Biodiversity Regrowth
All planting locations must include multiple species, we do not support commercial crops including fruiting trees

Community Upliftment
It has long been established that operations cannot survive without local support and must be supported and support local communities. GSGs preferred model as demonstrated in Borneo goes one step further and supports the incorporations of locally owned enterprises where the farmers.

Measurable Impact
Impact must be verified and measured according to international standards.

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Green Steps Group
Impact Site Review

Where we plant is just as critical as what we plant. Greenstepsgroup is not just about numbers, but about regrowing forests and reWilding the planet. In Borneo we are not just planting trees but growth green "bridges" to connect isolated existing natural forest stands and supporting old growth forest by doing mosaic planting - filling the gaps left from illegal palm oil.

Biodiversity impact
All planting locations must part of a rewilding effort and not a lumber grove.

Long term future
Planting sites must be expected to remain intact for the foreseeable future.

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Green Steps Group

Each and every sapling planted is geotagged using the GSG-tracker app. We know where it is, what it is, who planted it and when - the geotagged image is then processed in Greenstepsgroup quality control before being released to client maps.